Over the years we have dug deep to understand the individual needs of both top-class athletes and keep-fit exercisers. We have studied their movement patterns, mapped their bodies’ heat zones and measured their amounts of sweat, bucket upon bucket. Our extensive knowledge of how the body works in intense sport situations has given us great confidence in what we do, but also a profound understanding of the fact that nothing is forever..
The ways of running, biking and skiing develop and improve day by day. Simultaneously, the athletes’ demands of ergonomic clothing increase at the same speed. The challenge of exceeding these demands pushes us to develop and design performance clothing for tomorrow and beyond – garments in which a sport-specific fit, compression, body mapping and an edgy design are integral parts.

Sport specific fit

How do people pedal their bikes? How does Tim De Boom move during the last 10 k of the Hawaiian Iron Man? How do Jens-Arne Svartendahl, Alexander Legkov, Ella Gjömle and Charlotte Kalla ski during their daily training routine? And how does Jens Byggmark attack the first slalom gate? By answering these questions we have gained a profound knowledge about the ergonomics of sports.

We know that the key for designing the optimal bike jersey, for instance, is to understand the relation between the shoulders and the hips as well as between the torso’s front and back. For the equivalent cross-country skiing suit, the secret is to grasp how the arms, shoulders, hips and legs interact when pushing the skier forward. This knowledge expresses itself in performance clothing with, among other things, pre-shaped knees, sleeves and collars and elastic, body-controlling fabrics.


Lately there has been a great increase in the development of compressive fabrics, and Craft is of course at the forefront of this evolution. Our most advanced compression fabric combines Meryl and Lycra and its 4-way stretch and modular strength provide the right level of compression in the right areas.

It stabilizes joint movement, reduces muscle vibration and assists in the pull-back without constraining the muscle mass – thus saving energy and enhancing performance. We use compressive fabrics in several garments of our Elite collections.


The sport-specific fit, the correct ventilating areas, the accurate seams and the optimal fabrics and accessories are accentuated and made into a whole by an edgy design. When colours and patterns together form a design with a confident attitude, it inevitably rubs off on the wearer, putting him or her in a desired state of mind. In Products you will find functional sportswear based exclusively on ergonomic perfection. The design, fit and fabrics combine in perfect harmony to provide garments that make you all set for crunch time.

Body mapping

Essential for success in creating optimal microclimates is the mapping of the body’s sweat zones. By knowing where the athletes sweat the most we can direct the air flow through the clothing and into these perspiration zones, and thus make sure that the body does not overheat.

In collaboration with the German Sports University at Cologne, Germany, we have carried out thorough body mapping tests detecting and mapping blood flow and exercise-induced hot spots. Our advanced body mapping is expressed as mesh inserts and ventilating areas in various parts (in the armpits and the back, for example) of our garments.