Challenge Copenhagen was fantastic!

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By: brian

Hi all,

It’s now been a week since the Challenge Copenhagen ironman distance race – an absolutely great race in the heart of Copenhagen. I was very proud and delighted to be a part of it. I did not participate at the full distance but I swam as a relay athlete in the morning and then I was in the finish area for a big part of the afternoon greeting a lot of people that I know, watching a lot of happy faces. It made me really proud and shows that this sport is something people can really enjoy. There were so many spectators out there that must have had a great day – the official number is 125,000 at the marathon course alone, and this is absolutely fantastic.

A good day for the sport and for Copenhagen and Denmark.

Now I have started the serious build up for Hawaii which is 7 weeks away now. I just got my Specialized Shiv TT bike ready last week so I have been out doing the first rides on it and it feels great and gives me a lot of motivation towards Hawaii that I have even some slightly better material than before and it’s just enjoyable to ride so I think it should give me a little advantage on the bike.

My training is going really well too. I’m definitely feeling better than I was 7 weeks before Challenge Roth which ended up quite well, so I’m guessing that I should be on the right track.

In 10 days I’ll be going down to Playitas on the Canary Islands where I also did my Hawaii preparations last year. I know that it is an ideal place for me to be. It’s a vulcanic island just like the big island of Hawaii, so it is very similar terrain, a lot of hard wind and crosswinds and it is quite hot as well in september, so I should be well prepared after a couple of weeks there.

Then I will be back home for a week and my primary objective there will be NOT to fall off my bike and break my hand like I did two and a half weeks before last year’s Hawaii. I need to stay healthy this time because I feel I have a good shot at one of the top spots in Hawaii so I shouldn’t blow it this time.

I’ll go out and enjoy being in Kona two weeks before the race and hopefully being ready when we get to race day!